Phoenix Rising Official News Archive

    This weeks recognition award goes out to Zanth. Zanth was a God at Destiny and so it would make sense for his skills to carry over to Destiny 2; and it did. Come to find out Zanth is also pretty darn good at WWII also. So I'm convinced that Zanth is a master at all games without a doubt. Zanth was also our Destiny 2 Ultimate Guardian Giveaway Winner without question. This is the week to be thankful and we are absolutely thankful for Zanth being in our clan. Congratulations Zanth and thanks for being a part of PRG.

    This weeks recognition award goes out to PRG Str8 Sticky. You know Sticky is back and very active whenever a new CoD game is out. Sticky is all into the WWII and is ready to put together a Gamebattles team so if anyone is interested get in touch with Sticky. Don't be afraid to team up with Sticky if you ever see him online. Sticky is always up to playing with other members or just himself. Congratulations PRG Str8 Sticky and thanks for being a part of PRG.

    This weeks recognition award goes out to ScottyN000. Scotty just recently joined PRG for Destiny 2 but he has been friends with many members for quite a while. If you didn't know Scotty, full name Scotty Noophuck Foster, used to be a lawyer representing auto injury victims and sexually assaulted male gamers. His law firm was mocked and laughed at cause nobody believed male gamers could or would ever be sexually assaulted. So he left the firm to become a full time gamer to prove that these gamer victims do exist. So that's a little info on Scotty, did I mention he plays Destiny 2 also. Congratulations ScottyN000 and thanks for being a part of PRG.

Congratulations to our November Member of the Month: Tame the fro. Tame has been playing Destiny 2 and now WWII like crazy. If you don't know Tame yet, you probably don't play enough with the clan. Tame makes his presence known everywhere. Also he might be the best stalker around. He could be watching you right now. Congratulations Tame the fro and thanks for being a part of PRG.

    This weeks recognition award goes out to Skrxh. Skrxh, pronounced Skrillex, well only I really call him that cause it's easier to remember. But Skrxh is Zanth's good friend so that means 2 things. He is quiet like Zanth and kicks ass in Destiny 2 like Zanth as well. Between him, Zanth and Jade they could carry anybody in Trials if that game mode ever returns. Congratulations Skrxh and thanks for being a part of PRG.